Mirza Naeem Baig

By building large-scale web/mobile applications, implementing measurable process automation, and defining future technologies with data mined from qualitative and quantitative research methods, I help renowned organizations deliver reliable and efficient IT infrastructures that unlock new possibilities.

My goal is to design systems based on needs and completely validate new ideas for improved decision-making by all shareholders. As a Software Engineer and Application Architect with marked accomplishments and recognitions, I have thrived on leading innovation and building tenable IT solutions.

My differentiator — an outstanding contributor with a strong technical background and years of extensive global experience in improving processes, infrastructures, technologies, product features, and deploying customizable and scalable solutions. I enjoy implementing innovative Enterprise SaaS software & Cloud solutions for global operations, delivering increased efficiencies, performance, and profitability.

I help companies better understand the problems they are trying to solve, who they are designing for, and why the desired features are so important. This way, I understand their goals, and I deploy the right technology to get the job done.

I am presently an Applications Architect (IC6) at Oracle Inc. since 2014, where I have impacted technology delivery across diverse verticals, including product management, architecture, engineering, UX, and documentation to drive the technical product strategies. I created a dynamic schema using ADF sub-classing mechanism for different purposes in different license types. This included dynamic creation of Entity Objects, View Objects, REST Endpoints, security provisioning, and Sandboxing using Design-Time @Runtime. Utilized ADF-BC to build REST on the backend and Oracle JET on the frontend to build a very customizable nature of application. I delivered features for Reporting and Analytics framework, Object Versioning, Widget Store, Object Export/Import, Save As Draft, Testing in Sandbox, Object Delete and Recover, and Legacy Data import.

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