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The Mountain House Muslim Association (MHMA) provides unmatched transparency and accountability to all of our donors by publishing frequent reports on how we use donations. The MHMA relies on support from people like you to fulfill our mission to serve you and other community members. 

If you wish to donate anonymously, you can also make a donation through our GoFundme campaign. We will soon have our LaunchGood campaign active as well. Finally don’t forget to contribute with every Amazon prime purchase using MHMA as the charity through Amazon smile

Contributions can be made using one of the following methods. 


       Donations through Zelle to
       Membership contributions through to



Please make checks payable to MHMA and mention Masjid in the memo field. 

Send all checks to: 

Mountain House Muslim Association 

795 Adam Street, 

Mountain House, 

CA 95391, USA

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