I am the laziest person ever, I hate when I have to do the repetitive task. I always look for short-cuts to make the repetitive task automated.

Recently I have to create the the reminder for 15 event entries on my calendar. After googling up and finding out after several trial and errors I came to know that it is super easy to do that using Google Sheet.

Here is what you need to start with:

  1. Go to Google Sheet, and create a brand new Google Sheet
  2. And then type the column name exactly as mentioned here with the exact format
    1. Subject (Any type of text, make sure you don’t put too many “Double Quotes” into the text)
    2. Start Date (The date format should be mm/dd/yyyy, for example 01/01/2019)
    3. Start Time (HH:MM AM/PM for example 9:00 PM)
    4. End Date  (Same as Start Date)
    5. End Time (Same as Start Time)
    6. All Day Event  (Yes or No)
    7. Alert (nn minutes, where nn is 15, 30, 60 and exact word “minutes”)
    8. Location (Address)
  3. Now, once your file is ready.
  4. Export this file into “Comma Separated Value”. To do that in your Google Sheet menu go to File > Download As > Comma-separated Value.
  5. Don’t close your Google Sheet yet. And visit CSV to iCal Calendar Convertor website https://manas.tungare.name/software/csv-to-ical/  (
  6. Click on yellow “convert” button.
  7. If all is good then the “ics” file start getting downloaded.
  8. Now, open your Google Calendar.
  9. On the left, right underneath the small calendar there is a “three-dot-sheesh-kabab like menu button” click on it, and select “Import”.
  10. There you will see the Import Screen in your Settings. Select file that we downloaded in step 7. Upload that file, and wait for few seconds! Viola! Your calendar events auto-magically filed in your calendar.

It does sounds little bit too much work at first, but once you setup your initial file, you can just replace with new values.

Super simple! Bulk way to get calendar entries!